Looking for the best app ideas in 2020? Look no further.

By Ankit | 14 Sep

The launch of an app store and play store back in the year 2008 was a game changer and so was the mobile applications that were contained in them. Who would’ve thought you could get the food delivered at your doorstep or track the number of calories burned during your workout session or even better, a virtual meeting with the doctor. There are countless other purposes that the apps help solve an individual’s life. Ever wondered how this all started? With an IDEA. Yes, you read that right. These app ideas caused disruption in their respective industries, transformed the way we live our lives, bridged the gaps between service provider and customer and a lot more than we could write or think of.

Here’s another reference of what a great idea could do. Apple’s co-founder, Steve Jobs conceived the idea of using a touchscreen to interact with a computer in a way in which he could directly type onto the display, instead of requiring a stylus which was common on existing technology of the time. From conception to ideation and from ideation to reality, a first ever smartphone was introduced in the year 2007. 

How and where to scour new app ideas?

With more than 2.5 billion smartphone users and more than 5 million apps available on the app store and play store, we have definitely come a long long way. And this number is increasing with each passing day. Smartphone’s convenience of interacting with the apps have made people fall in love with the ubiquitous technology. And they are always on the lookout for something new that could help solve their problems. With this we also have an answer to the problem which is how to get an app idea? Let’s dive deeper on how to get an app idea and further we would give few examples to solidify our methods to get one.

Look for problems and gaps

In spite of abundant applications available in the app store and play store there are still gaps as one may seem that is needed to be filled. Look for those problems within the app or conduct research on google play and apple store to find if there’s any app that solves the problem you encountered. If not, get one designed and developed.

Imagine the future

What did Apple do to track the fitness and health of their iPhone users?How Uber or Lyft transformed passenger transportation industry? What did Amazon do in e-commerce space? There are many such examples but these should suffice in steering your thought process for getting an app idea and help you create a next big thing that can disrupt the industry.


Gather along with your friends, colleagues and family members and let them know you want to develop an app and ask for their ideas. Consolidate their App ideas and brainstorm in order to connect them with each other. It could turn out to be something that was never thought of and who knows where this idea could take you.

Redo what’s done

Simply put, look for the apps that exists already and redo them with your own idea. Assessing and evaluating the app would help you refine your idea thereby removing the confusions, doubts you had in the first place. Don’t worry if you are wanting to enter the market that’s already crowded because as the saying goes “for some it is competition and for others it is an opportunity.” So make the most of it.

Another way of redoing what’s done is by doing a search on play store and app store and combining two or more apps to produce a single game changing app.

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Top Pick Ideas For Mobile App Development In 2019.

There are a variety of other ways to help you get an idea for your app development and we have tried to make it more simpler by jotting down our list of the markets/ideas that are yet to be fully catered and unsatiated.

Airbnb For Parking

Nobody wants to waste time or pay huge sum of money just to park their vehicle. But in the ever increasing number of vehicles with ever decreasing parking lots or spaces, the issue of parking a car has become very serious. 

Why not develop an app that deals in peer to peer parking. Simply put, Airbnb for parking. The benefits of such an app are plenty. For example, helps save time, time saving, utilisation of free parking spaces and earning money.

Crowded or Not

The weekend vibe never lets us stay at home, credits to the peer pressure. Shouldn’t there be an app that shows which bar/club/restaurant is crowded at a particular hour? I reckon this would do a great deal in decision making and choosing which restaurant to dine in, which bar to drink and where to dance. 

The user would simply need to select the city he is in and the app would show him markers for all the places on the map and markers could be given different colors based on the crowd level. For example, marker that is red would mean that a particular place is crowded, a yellow marker would show that place is fairly crowded and a green marker would signify that the bar or club do not have much visitors.

Itinerary Planning

Ever wondered if somebody could plan your itinerary for your upcoming vacation for free? Somebody who has been there and knows the ins and outs of the place you are planning to visit? Someone who you could reach out and discuss just like you discuss your holiday plans with your friends via instant chat messenger? Excited? You got an idea, let’s bring it to life.

Barter System App

A barter system is an old method of exchange. This system has been used for centuries and long before money was invented. People exchanged services and goods for other services and goods in return. Imagine the myriad possibilities this idea could cater to. And without the boundaries of community & country, this app has a lot of potential to target the audience ranging from teens to old age etc.

Expense Management App

You would do good to a lot of people who are poor at managing their expenses. The application would connect with user’s debit/credit card and for each transaction that is made, it would be recorded in the app. This app can allow user to create custom categories so he could categorically view where most of his expenses are going. An artificial intelligence should be integrated in the app that should let users provide an insights on how to control their expenses. I am sure this app idea would make life easy for millennials and adults alike.


I am sure when you or your loved one is feeling under the weather it becomes painstakingly difficult to even visit a doctor due to distance a patient has to cover to reach the clinic. Why not take the benefits of ubiquitous technology and create an app that allows patients to schedule an appointment with the doctor online and connect in a virtual room to get the treatment. When the call ends, you receive prescription in the form of a pdf that you could show to the pharmacy and get the medicines. 

The other benefit of this app idea is for the individuals that stay away from their family due to work constraints who cannot take them to the doctor. They can take advantage of this app by adding their loved one as a family member in the app and schedule an appointment with the doctor on their behalf. Hence, developing a telemedicine app and healthcare is a wonderful idea for startup.

Voice Translation

Travelling and communicating with locals that speak your non-native language is always challenging unless you are multilingual. And many a times we as tourists are unable to convey our message or even ask the essentials of that country due to the language barrier. So what to do? Shouldn’t there be an app in which you select the native language for yourself the other person? So when you speak in your native language, it is automatically translated into the listener’s native language. How convenient this idea sounds when the other language is all greek to you?

Graphical Restaurant Reservation System

We are all choosy when it comes to booking a seat of our choice. Be it for watching a movie or dining at our preferred table in a restaurant. But lack of options available restrict us to do so. How does the idea of graphical restaurant reservation system sound to you? Desired seating, perfect ambience, tempting food and your loved ones. What more is needed? I am sure you must be feeling nostalgic already by now. Get your app for GRRS idea developed now.

Tax Management

Taxes are inevitable but technology has made it easier to manage our skyrocketing finances. So why not succour people to file their taxes  and pay in quick succession.

Artificial Intelligence Powered Bots

Love them or hate them chatbots are bound to develop and stay as they help in automating simple tasks and personalising the experience for the user . They are smarter, responsive and about 80% of the companies are planning to incorporate chatbots by the year 2020. So why not be the first ones to do it?

Book Reviews Finder App

Tired of reading paperback books? Let’s change with the changing scenario. Help people to discover new books, join communities of their likings, follow writers and read reviews. Reading should be made a pleasurable activity and let them explore the unexplored.


The list of app ideas is never ending but the aforementioned ideas are the need of the hour for the year 2020 and the years to come. In order to validate your idea, it is advisable to conduct a market analysis and research. We have helped many ideas shape into life and would be glad to shape yours too. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line.

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