Why do you need mobile app for your business?

By Ankit | 26 Aug

There is no doubt that digital media plays an essential role in this tech-savvy world. But it has seen that some companies still think that having a website or social media page is enough to grow their business. They believe, with this, they can attract audiences. But this is not true. As the competition is getting intensified with time, mobile applications have emerged as an essential marketing tool. 

Most of the business are now using apps to increase their customer base. If you think Mobile App development is a costly matter, then remember a fact that a simple app can help you in better business engagement and building a customer base. Besides, it can drive more sale and boost your brand reputation in the market. Let’s talk about this in detail. Google Play Store has more than 3.5 million apps. On the other side, the App Store has more than 2.5 million applications. So, it looks like all most all the businesses are now using mobile apps. So, it is quite understandable why companies want to have an Android App or iOS App. If you have an application through which you can traction with the customers can be a perfect way to boost business.

Some studies have proved that the U.S. people spend around 5 to 6 hours a day on their mobile devices. Besides, the studies also demonstrated that then spend approximately 95 per cent on apps and rest 5 per cent then spend on web browsers. So, it will be useful for you to invest in Mobile App development now. Before taking a look at the list of why mobile apps and benefits of android app for business, let’s know what to consider first. 

What you should consider first while planning for investing in mobile apps?

Everything in this world has a downside, and mobile apps also. As per a survey, around 23 to 25 per cent of mobile apps (including both Android and iOS Apps) are used only for once. The customers don’t use them. Besides, after three months of installation, around 80 per cent of users no longer launch the app. 

It is not that much difficult to develop an app based on your business requirements. All thanks to fantastic platforms like BuilFire and Firebase. But this requires a considerable investment of resources. Not every app can sustain, and therefore you need to be very careful about this. 

Now, you might be thinking that how to know if developing a mobile app is right for you or not? Well, here are some questions that you can consider. 

Have you optimised your business for mobiles and other devices? 

This is good to have a well-optimised mobile app. But before that, you need to observe the performance level of your website on different devices. In detail, if you have a responsive website, it will dramatically enhance the user experience. On the other side, responsive themes are hugely available on different platforms. For example, Shopify, Magento, WordPress and more. 

However, some businesses don’t go for responsive web design. If you don’t have such a design, then prefer to get one first. Upgrade your website then move to mobile app development

Do all your major competitors have business mobile apps? 

When thinking about whether or not to develop mobile apps, it will be better for you to know how your competitors work? Do they have any mobile or android app? If yes, then you should first analyse their apps and get some information. For example, their app’s user reviews, downloads and more. With this, you can gain some ideas on how consumers treat the app. With this, you can come up with some unique feature to add in your app and attract more audiences. 

Will the app solve the problems of your customers? 

For some companies, mobile apps work a solution for specific problems. For example, if you are selling a product having some complex configurations, your app can help the customers to understand those configurations. There is no meaning of having an app if it can’t solve customer’s problems. The app will struggle to survive. What should you do here? Just think about the issues that your customers can face and how your app can solve them. Don’t forget to add the wow factor in your app. 

Do you plan to support different platforms?

Today, two major platforms that rule the world are Android and iOS. So, if you are planning for developing a business app, then consider developing an app for both the platforms. Your budget can be a significant factor in this. But you can start with an Android app then move to an iOS app later. Think about this. However, now, you can develop an app for multiple platforms without spending much. 

Can you simplify conversions by retaining customer data? 

It has seen that mobile commerce sales rate is quite lower than the desktop. What is the reason behind this? Well, the reason is difficult in inputting information like shipping address, payment mode selection and more through mobiles. If you deal with repeat customers, then you need to make sure your app comes with an easy to use interface. When customers feel comfortable to put information, it can lead to more sales. 

Do you have any customer loyalty program? 

If yes, then you need to design an app which can make it easy to ditch punch cards. Make sure, through the app; you can reward your customers with targeted discounts, and other different incentives. 

Do you give more importance to branding? 

Remember that when someone downloads the app, they are normally giving you a place on their devices. So, having the company logo on the home that the customer looks at every time whenever they open their device will help in keeping the brand on the top. 

Are you planning for using user-generated content for marketing? 

For better result, plan to include functionality which can let the customers share their content. For example, photos, reviews, videos and more.  

Are you planning to develop an app which can use the mobile phone’s functionalities?

If you see, the apps which are quite popular among users are the apps which can use some of the mobile device’s functionality. For example, the device’s accelerometer and camera. With this, you can offer your customers a unique experience that a website will not provide. You can take the example of an Amazon app. There you can click photos of a product using your mobile camera for better search experience. 

If your answer is yes, then you can be able to come up with a perfect mobile android or iOS App. However, to enjoy maximum benefits, you need to deliver tangible benefits and keep the app secure. Now, let’s discuss why you should develop an app for your business? 

Some significant reasons to have a mobile application 

The mobile marketing is growing, and all the businesses are now moving for mobile app bandwagon to stay connected with the consumers. Besides, a simple app helps them in generating repeat business and increasing their sales. With a perfect app, you can take your marketing efforts to a new level. Remember that mobile apps are not just for large-scale companies; they are also for both small and medium scales companies. Some of the reasons to have an app are: 

Rule the current IoT and mobile age

The CEO of Mentor Mate, Bjorn Stansvik, in the year 2014 informed about three critical signs of the arrival of the mobile age. He also gave some ideas on how a business can enjoy massive benefits from this. Many of such facts are emerged as accurate. He named Apple, Amazon, Facebook as the future leader. The companies are now growing.  Now, they have more data to mine. So, how they did it? The answer is mobile applications. It is the best way to acquire more customer data and increase your business. 

It makes the products and services promotion lot easier

It has proved that companies who are using mobile apps have better impressions than those who don’t use an app. A well-designed app can make your company stand out. Besides, when you frequently update your products list, it helps in developing customer interest. On the other side, you will save money and your time to avoid different types of marketing methods. There is no need to spend your money on billboard or newspaper advertisement. 

Improves your products innovation process 

An app can indeed open up new and profitable business opportunities. Because they are now being used in different ways. Through the apps, you can put the technology which can resolve customer’s problems. Besides, it will install the driver toward better innovation, and you can come up with better products and services. For example, the smart fridge devices. It eliminates consumer inconvenience by anticipating action. If you can combine mobile and IoT, you can quickly expand your customer base. 

An app can lead to better customer engagement

When you have a perfect mobile app, you can easily interact with your customers directly in real-time or live. No matter whether you are going for a promotion or offering an opinion poll, your mobile android app will lead to better customer engagement. Those who have gained a reputation in this industry never end buyer-seller relationships after purchase. They always give a chance to their customers to say what they want. Your mobile app can help you with that. 

An app offers better communication. As discussed above, your customer can now get in touch with you anytime. There is no need to keep them waiting for business hours. When you make the process of contacting you easier, you will hear more from them about their experiences. With this, you can improve services and business efficiency. The best thing is that you can customise communication methods with the collected data. 

The applications can collect information like about phone, contact number, network, location, primary IDs and more. There are lots of advanced business intelligence technologies through with you can identify customer’s behaviour and their preferences. On the other side, the data can be used for marketing purpose. 

Just think about push notifications. These are much effective than email marketing. Because people don’t prefer to open their mailbox frequently. Some studies have proved that push notifications lead to 40 per cent more customer engagement rate.

Leads to more actions 

Around 83 to 85 per cent of mobile phone users start their day by checking their smartphones and going through various apps. So, the app is a perfect way to enjoy a higher level of customer engagement. Increased engagement leads to more actions. Mobile apps are the best way to drive target actions from the audiences. Whether you want to sell products or make the customer sign up for your new services, mobile work will work best? You might be thinking how? Mobile offers less space than a computer. With this, through your app, you can provide them with pared-down versions of your websites. 

Boost your company or brand image

For better success, you need to place the brand at the top. But if you don’t have an app, you will appear outdated and can’t cope up with today’s modern trend. This can put a negative impact on your business as well as performance. Set your busies part through apps. Use them to create a streamlined experience. The audiences will greatly appreciate your efforts to pamper them. 

Increase the website traffic

Every day, Google Play Store and App Store get millions of hits. So, if you have an which is well-optimised for Play Store and App Store, you will enjoy more downloads. Besides, it will direct targeted traffic to the website. Apart from this, you can even enjoy backlinks from significant authority page. Remember that app store optimisation requires specific expertise and skill. For example, placing relevant and highly-searched keyword correctly can lead to better visibility and exposure. You may find it quite easy to launch the app, but to increase the traffic, you need to take good care of mobile app maintenance. 

Opens up different channels for better revenue 

Want to enjoy more revenue? Well, you can do it through your app by directly monetising it. It will easily open different revenue channels for the business. You can go to the in-app advertisements. You can add price tags to your application or by introducing various paid features. All the photo editing apps hugely use such strategies. When you let the users check the full features, you set the hook and make them go for the paid version. With this, you can earn more profits. 

It lets the customers or audiences to give their feedback 

Every customer has something to say. For example, an opinion, a review and a suggestion. Sometimes they may have a complaint. Don’t end the relationship with your customers immediately after purchase. Let them share their experiences. It is an app which can let them share their views or complaints. 

Better customer insights

Do you know what is one of the significant benefits of android app for business? One can obtain detailed information about the customer through it. Besides, you can gather some other vital data. For example, about the profitable region for your business, customer’s requirements, app’s performance and more. By combining all these data, you can easily detect new and profitable business opportunities.

Furthermore, it will also help you with product enhancement. Use them and come up with products which can fulfil the customer’s demand. Without an app, you may not be able to do all these things. 

Offers seamless and faster experience

Google and Apple app store have fixed a minimum speed requirement for app listing. That means all the apps will provide a smoother experience. It will lead to more customer activities and increase customer engagement level. To keep your app load fast, do regular testing. Give the audience the best experience than in return; they will become your customers and users. This is quite effective than a website. 

Helps in increasing the customer base

When you launch your app on app stores and promote it online through different platforms, chances are more people will find your products and services. That means an increase in your sales. On the other side, now you can easily integrate your mobile business app with different social media platforms. With this, you can reach a larger audience with minimal efforts from your side. 

Helps in faster sell

If you have some products which you want to sell before a particular period, then use your app with limited time promotional coupons. This will encourage the users to buy those products and also publicise the business. You can do it through your website, but with the app, you can cover a more significant number of users. 

Gives your business a perfect positive image 

In general, mobile apps provide an impression that the company is reliable, and it is here to stay for a long time. Besides, it makes the details such as location, contact, and more of your business readily available. This is quite good for every business. 

If you still think why your business needs a mobile app, then you can go through the different case studies available online to know the importance of mobile apps in the modern business environment. With a perfect Mobile App development, you can go ahead of the competition. So, go for it.

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